BRCA Memoir

BRCA Memoir Reviews

“I read your book and loved it… you do a great service to women by your description and encouragement of BRCA testing and prophylactic measures.”


Shari Mendes
Israeli Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund

“Read it in 3 nights and couldn’t put it down. Very emotional but some parts made me laugh… courageous lady xxx”


Marie Kessel
Leanne Kaye
Author – CEO – Previvor

Get inspired with this incredibly heartfelt BRCA memoir written by Leanne Kaye. She begins her riveting story before her mother’s tragic breast cancer diagnosis and later on, death. Kaye explains the meaning of the word ‘previvor’ to be a combination of the word survivor and predisposition, a person who has the breast cancer gene who has not been diagnosed.

Encouraging people to get tested and to stop considering breast cancer a ‘good’ cancer, Kaye aspires to motivate women at risk to take preventative measures and not to ignore the serious threat that is breast cancer.

Varying by ethnic group, BRCA1/2 mutations can affect 1 in 400 in the U.S. in the general population and 1 in 40 in Ashkenazi Jewish men and women. A single mother to three energetic boys, Leanne Kaye works as a freelance writer and creative consultant by day and as a poet/performer by night. Leanne has been invited to speak about her BRCA memoir in New York, the UK, and Israel.

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“I wrote my BRCA positive memoir in order to save lives. BRCA positive women like myself can reduce risks breast cancer with preventative surgery. The breast cancer gene is not a cancer diagnosis, yet for some it results in similar levels of anxiety and dramatic life-changing medical procedures.

For example, in my case I have completed a nipple sparing double mastectomy with reconstruction (nsdm) and have an oophorectomy planned.

I share my story in many venues and have had incredibly positive feedback from women who have taken actions as a direct result of hearing me speak – including women who have discovered breast cancer at a treatable stage. “

Leanne Kaye